Where to plan a perfect beach wedding in India

       When it comes to planning a wedding outdoor, choosing a location and establishing a theme, the beach tends to be the go-to for any fun couple. Needless to say, Indian wedding ideas have a massive number of options to choose from, but anyway, why would you bother when that is the beach wedding! The combination of sun, sand, surf, and Shaadi remains an enduring favourite!

         So decorating plans and things may not be as simple as a normal wedding, but that makes it all the more unforgettable. We love to dig new inspirations for’ all weddings,’ and we must admit that none but real weddings are the greatest kinds of inspiration. And as we stumbled over this romantic beach wedding on the sand, we realized we had just to share it with everyone. And having picture-perfect images of one of your life’s most precious days makes it seem like a good idea, right? But yeah we have already done our fair bit of awesome research and have some brilliant ideas about beach wedding that we are more than willing to share with you! Now sit back and relax, and start scrolling and we assure you, your beach wedding destination will be illuminated with these tips!


          India has a lot of destinations to plan a beach wedding. The state of Goa is without doubt one of the most popular destinations. Goa, a small state situated in south-west India, is host to some of the country’s most scenic and colourful beaches. Apart from that Goa is one of the most tourist-friendly states in India, Goa features many beautiful beach wedding destinations in India. The state of Kerala is more famous for its scenic backwaters known as’ God’s own country.’ What most people tend to forget is that some pretty pristine beaches are also housed here. Goa can be better suited for you if you need more activity, visitor attractions and events, and The Kerala beaches are ideal for your wedding holiday if natural beauty and a relaxing romanticism is your cup of tea.

         The Lakshadweep, a collection of 36 small islands off the Malabar Coast, is another wonderful option. The lovely blue waters, healthy environment and stunning sandy reefs and beaches make for a beach wedding spot. Locations such as Goa, Lakshadweep and Kerala are incredibly hospitable and play an active part in the tourism sector of the region, so it is fairly easy to plan a beach wedding in India. You should do just what you want in loads of lodging plans, leisure facilities and picturesque locations. All of them are easy to reach by bridge, air or train, not to overlook. One thing you should remember is to plan the weather and the best time.


So finally I would love to say that, In India, beach marriages are a great alternative to the complicated and active enterprise that is usually the case for traditional marriages. We are friendly, comfortable and yet romantic and festive and are absolutely perfect for a wedding outside of the house. When you’re at the beach party, KMK Events will help you plan a lovely beach marriage.

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