Best Places for Destination Weddings in India for Dream Weddings

Well! I guess no one in today’s time, who doesn’t want to have their dream wedding in some electrifying and best places for destination weddings. These Destination Weddings have become the latest trend in India. Moreover, the couple nowadays wants some elegant celebrations with their families, friends and their dream places…this is all they want! 

Luckily and most importantly, India is a blend of certain exotic and stunning places that can decorate with elegance and amazing magnificence to embellish the most special occasion of an existence. So, whether you love to have a beach wedding or at mountains or forts or palaces, India makes your dream wedding comes true and makes your marriage ceremony an everlasting memory.

Best Places for Destination weddings in India

If you are looking for the best places for destination weddings? Then check out, here is a list of top astonishing Places to get wedded with your Fiancée.

Hyderabad – Why not start with Nawabs

Hyderabad “Home of Nizam’s” Have many beautiful hotels with gorgeous gardens, banquets and attractive rooms to get wedded. But how about Nizam’s Palace?

Uhmm! You guessed rightly! I am talking about “Falaknuma Palace” where the Nawab’s ruled for so long. Do you know what does Falaknuma means? It’s “Mirror of the sky’. Whereas, the whole Palace was designed with iconic all marble palace along with Italian and Tudor architecture to give a unique look. Most importantly, we need to talk about the “101 seat dining table” it’s just like a treat in itself. 

Beauty of Falaknuma Palace

Destination wedding

Apart from this, the Palace has the largest collection of paintings, statues, manuscripts, Venetian chandeliers and unique Jade collection of the world. So, if you want to be a part of such a magnificent history then I guess Hyderabad is the perfect best place for Destination wedding to get wed.

In addition to that, if you are still not yet convinced, then I have something special to convince you! Recently Salman Khan the Shaan of Bollywood has organized her sister Arpita’s wedding in Falaknuma Palace, Hyderabad. Let me tell you in Bollywood style, it would be a “Blockbuster for your wedding ceremony” I know it’s cheesy but that’s true guys.

Vizag: perfect Dreamy Beach Wedding

Do you want to feel the cool breezes, the rhythm of the waves, and love in the air? Then just not to think twice! Vizag is your perfect spot for your Destination wedding. You can get many best wedding destinations in the world! But if you are a beach lover and want something exotic? Then it goes so well for your special celebration.

Secondly, you can see the super gorgeous view to capture your memories with One side the beach water to touch your feet – the other side colourful lights of the city – At the top, the flying planes touching the heights. Isn’t it amazing to tie the knots on Amazing destination wedding Locations?

Goa: Picture-Perfect & Best Place for Destination Wedding & Partying

If you are fond of Beaches! Then Goa is the trendiest Destination Wedding Location in India to get wed. Goa not only fond of beaches it’s a mixed blend of Breathtaking sunsets, Old Monuments, Lovely resorts, Churches, Architecture, rain and lot more… Also, a kind of freedom to stay away from the crowds. Isn’t it Wow! Getting all at one place.

Beach Destination Wedding

On the other hand, it helps me create a variety of photos–from funny beach pre-marriage pictures to some postcards around shrines and resorts and some truly romantic photos at sunset. When you are in Goa, your traditional ceremony in the background will also provide your beach resort with a beautiful tropical view. However, It’s not just over; that tropical ecstasy can dunk everyone into its lure and aroma.

Agra – Little Clichéd, But Taj Mahal Is Truly Romantic

“Agra” after listening to this, the first thing that blinks in our mind is “Tag Mahal”. I feel without this place in the list, the list of Destination Wedding Locations will remain incomplete. What do you think of celebrating the wedding bliss in the hinterlands of the epitome of love?

Wedding Destination Locations

Agra has giant hotels and resorts overlooking the Taj, where many people celebrate their marriage in the luminosity of one of the world’s most striking wonders. Undoubtedly, for romantic couples it’s a perfect & best place for Destination wedding.

Shimla – Perfect Mountain Wedding Backdrop

Last but not least, in this delightful, conventional as well as contemporary city, you can see the splendid Himalayas are cuddled up. In reality, it’s more like marrying in the hills or planning the ceremonies in forest guest houses or river camps for an extraordinary leap. Shimla attracts those who love mountains and snow and fantasize with a Himalayan marriage. Isn’t it sounds romantic?

Finally, we ended this article with these 5 amazingly splendid and the best places for Destination Weddings! If you wish to share your comments or notes about the above 5 destination wedding places, please not to hesitate and leave a reply in the blog comment section.

Also, if you are looking for a destination wedding planner? Then I would be happy to add KMK Event Management a perfect Destination for planning your Destination wedding.

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