27 Jan

Best wedding planners in Hyderabad

“As Top Wedding Planners in Hyderabad, We make your marriage day as an exceptional era, That one can never forget about” Before stepping into Best Wedding Planners in Hyderabad? Firstly, Don’t you think we should know why marriages are called so special and adorable? Why do girls start dreaming of their fairy tale weddings so so long in advance?  Do...

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22 Jan

OOO! Planning Surprise Birthday Party? Need birthday decoration ideas for husband!!!

Shh! Planning a surprise birthday party? Looking for Birthday decoration ideas for husband? Well! That’s so cool idea today’s new Era loving these surprise parties and all to enjoy their newborn day. For everyone birthdays are so special. Birthday’s not only reminding our age but also made us recall our stories – and most importantly and loving thing to discuss...

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17 Jan

Best Places for Destination Weddings in India for Dream Weddings

Well! I guess no one in today’s time, who doesn’t want to have their dream wedding in some electrifying and best places for destination weddings. These Destination Weddings have become the latest trend in India. Moreover, the couple nowadays wants some elegant celebrations with their families, friends and their dream places…this is all they want!  Luckily and most importantly, India...

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11 Jan

Wedding Trends that banged on in 2k19 are??

If something in the wedding ceremony is certain, it's always been the changing wedding trends. If you have attended many wedding events, you might have observed at least a few similarities between them – like in decorative props, or the wedding theme or in the chosen colour palettes. So, if you're a bride who'll be tying the knot at the...

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8 Jan

Meet the Top Wedding Planners in Vijayawada

"Your Wedding is a Colorful Celebration for KMK Wedding Planners in Vijayawada" Firstly, we believe that getting the tag “TOP” is not so easy. Secondly, in our 23 years of fruitful journey, we had seen many ups and down’s which got us to stand here where we are today as an Award-winning Event Management Company in India”. As a matter...

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3 Jan

Breathtaking Engagement Decoration Ideas That Cherish your Engagement day

Well! Before getting directly to the engagement decoration ideas, let’s see why to make an engagement ceremony look so special? When two different people of different mindsets decided to get connected in most fine-looking bond to take a crazy quest ride called living together. The first phase before tie the knots is "engagement." I know whoever reading this article are...

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31 Dec

Event Security and Safety Tips to be followed while organizing an event

It is not so easy task to plan and coordinate a fascinating event. There is so much behind the scenes and as the organizer of the event. Here we are sharing some of the event security and safety tips which might be helpful for your events. During the event celebration, you are responsible for the safety of your staff, vendors,...

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27 Dec

Splendid Stage Decoration Ideas for Your Mehndi Function

Fun and glamour, a day with your lovely, beautiful ladies? While the Shaadi experience remains an exciting rollercoaster, this one day of Mehndi ceremony will be fun for you. The mehndi decoration at home is one of the most important aspects of a Mehendi function these days. To create an elegant look, you can also look forward to an exquisite...

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25 Dec

Best Bachelor Party Ideas to Get Amazed Off

Bachelor Party? Uhfff doesn’t it sounds interesting!!! Yeah, I know it’s the most special party to celebrate our bachelor’s life before getting to tie in a relationship. Yeah, Of course, not only boys but the girls too deserve to have full fun and Masti on their bachelor party.  For quite some time now, Bachelor party ideas have been a popular...

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21 Dec


Every event has its challenges in case of event problem and most of them are so tiny that nobody even knows. Sadly, certain challenges will put in a cold sweat even the most experienced event planners. When these types of event problem issues arise, it may seem like the world’s end. We are there to help you through the worst-case...

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