Latest Trendy Indian wedding themes and decoration in India -KMK events

More than the bride and groom, people mostly judge the wedding standard by looking at the decor and set-up of the whole event. Which usually indicates the wedding standard. In this specific situation, the location of the wedding and the wedding theme counts most, especially in Indian wedding themes. If the place is gorgeous, the guests are immediately thrilled; and...

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Most Amazing Candle Decoration Ideas to Light up Your Wedding Décor

You imagine everything happy and nice with soft lighting that brings everything together as you dream of your wedding. Everything in your dream looks so fantastic. But you may want the same effect in real life with basic household item-candles. These bright decor items can correctly illuminate your wedding photos, can serve as a prop for photobooths or simply light...

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WHAT IS CORPORATE EVENT A corporate event is a company activity. This could be for staff, stakeholders, customers, government authorities or a charity. Some of the factors for organizing a corporate event may be: raising cash; strengthening relationships; initiating a fresh product or business; increasing the number of sales or customers; or increasing visibility of what a company is working...

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The Enchanting Indian Wedding Rituals

Indian marriages, also known as' Vivaah,' were best known for this sacred case in the form of glory, traditions, graces, colours, almost carnival. The rituals, design and vibrant sections of the wedding have already been said so much, so I would like to speak about the importance and essence behind the intriguing rituals and cultural importance of the centuries-old traditions...

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These Birthday Party Themes Makes you Mother of the Year

Planning a birthday party theme for your dear baby? Oh! Not to worry…When it comes to kids there are endless birthday party themes that make you feel “ooh” and “aah”. For example, you can go to their favourite movie, sports, animals, movies-you name it. But better choose the party theme which was near and dear to your baby’s heart. Till...

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Tips To Find Right Event Management Company

You might have seen numerous event management firms in your area. However selecting the finest to serve you could be a formidable task. You might have seen so many event management companies in your area. But choosing the best to serve you is a challenging task. Generally, organizing an event can be a challenging and exciting task. Where you need...

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Trendy Flower Decoration Ideas for Perfect Wedding Pictures

No marriage without flowers is complete with any group, culture or religion from all over the globe. Either the ambiance and the decoration are embellished or the newlyweds are showered with petals, flowers are of major importance in every wedding. Initially, easy guirlands or rangolis made of a number of petals have now become thoroughly woven guirlands with a multitude...

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Types of Corporate Events & Why To Hire Corporate Event Planner

What does a corporate event mean? Of course, corporate events are unsurprising, events backed by the business or organizations or companies for their employees or clients. As for many employees, doing the same work every day, dressing in the same business outfit, with the same identical people becomes a chore. So to get them out of that boring world and...

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Most lovely wedding props to use at your wedding photo booth!

Nowadays, it’s all about capturing good photos at the wedding. How about enchanting wedding props? It’s not so easy to get good clicks. Most importantly, we need to create a special environment which visibly enhances to get good clicks and exciting thoughts. In Today’s time to get those sparkling pictures, wedding photo booths are created. These sweetly labeled regions are...

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Why do we need to hire an event management Company

Do we need an event management company to organize our parties? Most of people think to do it on their own instead of an event manager! But Organizing an event is a difficult task especially when we have left with a short time. Organizing an event needs a lot of attention in detail. See if we have organized an event...

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