Every event has its challenges in case of event problem and most of them are so tiny that nobody even knows. Sadly, certain challenges will put in a cold sweat even the most experienced event planners. When these types of event problem issues arise, it may seem like the world’s end. We are there to help you through the worst-case scenario. 


     Regardless of the best-laid plans, there are still factors beyond you and the venue’s influence. Firstly, preparing for potential can mishaps, can alleviate chaos and tension if something unexpected happens to everyone. 

So consult with your organization on how to address common issues like these in the case that they arise: 

Secondly, Shortage of space for parking: Set up specified areas for excess parking and has signs available to map out where to go to the attendees.

Food and beverage shortages: Between just buying enough and selling out there is a fine line. Tell your event planner to help you decide the correct order numbers. As if you are confronted with a case of very hungry or thirsty guests, ask your event planner on short notice what sorts of choices are open.

No-show vendor: Often transportation breaks down or disrupts arrangements during inclement weather. Speak to your venue about many contingency vendors you may sign up in the event of an emergency.


     For every little thing that can go wrong during an event or conference, it’s not possible to have a backup plan. Always have a backup plan for higher impact or risk scenarios. 

  • Things that would have a big impact if they were gone wrong, like any future surveillance and protection-related issues. 
  • Objects, such as not enough power outlets or bathroom lines, that could be an annoyance

None of the situations is ideal, but one is far worse than the other. Focus on high-risk situations as part of your backup plan with the location.


In the event of a power outage, contingency plans. Does the venue have emergency generators and what power will remain on such as stairwells, elevators, and exit signs if needed? 

Protocols in the event of an immediate medical emergency. Have the platform specify how and where emergency responders, nurses, or fire staff should enter the building to maintain privacy and avoid damage. Evacuation preparations and public meeting point’s sites.


Within your internal team you may have a coordination chain of command, but do not forget to link-local venue staff to those plans. It is necessary, as part of the command chain, to determine who must execute the backup plan when an event problem arises.

If some unexpected event problem occurs, for example, like a venue loss of power, who must be remembered in your team? Or if you have a situation which needs a response from local emergency officers, who is to make these calls from the venue?

One helpful tool we have been using is to provide a laminated card with a detailed list of contact names and numbers. Along with the contact details aside we mentioned whom to contact on the type of event problem.


For all – administrators, speakers, participants, internal workers and vendors – it is important to know that the back-up plan for event problem exists and in what sort of situations it can be applied.

If the backup plan needs to be triggered, remind everyone, whether it is by public address advertisement, text or other types of communication, how and when they receive information. 

Note: There are no such things as over-communicating.

No matter how well every aspect is planned and safeguards are put in place, it prevents any potential disaster for event problem from having a backup plan with your venue.

Finally I would love to conclude that, never get scared of event problem. Every event problem has some backup plan for sure. Hope this article helps you to some extent. Also kindly share your ideas & view we would love to hear from you.

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