Event Security and Safety Tips to be followed while organizing an event

It is not so easy task to plan and coordinate a fascinating event. There is so much behind the scenes and as the organizer of the event. Here we are sharing some of the event security and safety tips which might be helpful for your events. During the event celebration, you are responsible for the safety of your staff, vendors, technicians, guests and other delegates. Being Famed Event Management Company we think that safety at the venue should be on top of our priority list since we are legally liable for the safety of all people existing in the event.

The bigger your event, the more event security and safety tips to be followed, but it should always be taken into account even for smaller events. This means you have to take the event security measures to prevent any harm to anyone while organizing an event. Also, be prepared with forwarding planning in case of any emergencies.

As an event planner, the safety of your guests is your responsibility, but event safety often is the last factor to be addressed by event organisers. It ensures that the budget is much less than it deserves. So being in the event management field we are here to share some of the tips with you which we follow in our events.

Event security and safety tips to help you plan the security measures well.

What are your safety objectives being an event planner?   

Firstly, when you ask some appropriate questions to yourself, you will cover virtually every risk and be prepared for it. Like what are you doing concerning fire safety? Have you got, standby officials? Is this place in a high crime rate neighborhood? If so, what safety measures are you going to need? In your guest list do you have any VIPs? How do they follow safety protocols? These are a few questions that might help you in regulating the safety objectives.

Choose the Right Team to work with!

A team of skilled, trained and experienced officials at the site is always ready to deal with risk factors. At any time during the ceremony, you must always be on standby with security guards, police officers, medical officers, etc. The outcome of a security violation is enormous so you must work with an effective team.

Communication – plays a key role in event security and safety tips

You never were more mistaken, if you believe that having a good safety team is enough. Safety measures are not limited solely to security personnel, it is also important to educate visitors and employees. Without a doubt inform the guests and others about their ability to take them and which items are off the list in case of an emergency. Those small things can be very helpful.

Carry out a risk assessment

Now you have to think about any safety risks that may be present at your event and assess their level of risk. Use a scale of 1-5, 1 with negligible risk and 5 with very great risk.

Trip or equipment hazards:

Are there any cables or barriers for people to fall around? Can people bump into the glass? Could people get in touch with generators or other electrical equipment? Is there any equipment capable of getting wet?

Crowd management hazards

Could there be crushing/overcrowding? How would drunk / aggressive behaviour be dealt with? Could people be in danger around roads or parking spaces?

First aid hazards

Secondly, will people be hurt by your event’s activities? What incidents will happen?  What would happen if a heart attack occurred to an attendant?

Environmental risks

Could the floor get slick when it gets wet? Could the wind pose a risk to your structural stability? Does equipment get damp or overheated?

Child protection risks

Are there a danger of losing children? Could there be complaints of abuse or negligence- do staff need to be tested for DBS?

Also, write down all possible risks and who is at risk?  Whether they are attendants, crew members, members of the public, or the venue itself. Then write down how each risk will be mitigated and treated. This doesn’t have to mean paperwork reams, just remember the simple steps, such as getting a first-aider on-site and an incident report filed. Also, place extra emphasis on your most serious risks that need to be prioritized and timed to reduce risk to an acceptable level.

Finally, being an “Award Winning Event Management Firm in India” KMK Events can’t think of taking any risk issues. However, these are the few things which we follow during our events. Thought to share these event security and safety tips hope they help you in your events too!

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