For An Incredible Wedding Catering Top 10 traditional Lip-Smacking Sweets

How important for your wedding catering? In addition to their luxuriant decor and festivities, Indian weddings are renowned for their exquisite food. Any marriage without delicious food is regarded as incomplete. In India, the parents of the bride arrange the wedding day food. While the menu is decided by the groom’s family on their behalf. In any marriage alliance, the family of the groom is provided primary significance and therefore the preparation of the food is prepared in the finest way to suit them.

Especially, without sweets, there is no Indian Wedding Menu. Even the choice to finalize the marriage banquet relies completely on the variety of caterers ‘ sweet meals. In all senses, the delicious aroma of the marriage candies is incomparable.

India has been renowned for its various cuisines and desserts which have their own identity. In any marriage, sweets have unique importance. Even in daily life, it is difficult to remain away from these stunning deserts. It is a sign of happiness and is a pure entity for every promising occasion. These are also used as a gift to God.

Get prepared to experience these desserts on their sweetest and most amazing journey to make the wedding menu unique and flavourful. Here are some of the marriage sweets which are favourites for all those people, who can’t even believe without them in the wedding catering menu:

Popular Deserts for Indian Wedding Catering

  • Gulab Jamun along with Ice-cream
  • Ladoo
  • Kheer/Payasam
  • Gajar Ka Halwa
  • Badam Ka Halwa
  • Rasgulla
  • Rasmalai
  • Jalebi
  • Malpua
  • Kulfi

Gulab Jamun – Must and shod in an Indian Wedding Catering

In the marriage sweets list, the smooth and syrupy Gulab Jamun is leading. One can have a heavenly feel by eating those warm spongy Khoya and saffron syrup balls.

Without this delicious treat, no Indian festival is complete. Gulab Jamun is a unique component of Indian culinary heritage. This dessert is the life of every celebration. Some prefer warm Gulab Jamun in winters and other people may like Gulab Jamun in summers with ice cream. You can, therefore, see a change in their servings, but Gulab Jamun’s soul stays the same.

You ought to be aware of the favourite Gulab Jamun now, you understand everything. So now is the time to explore this culinary masterpiece’s aroma.

Ladoo’s: Evergreen favourite item in wedding catering

It’s a neutral candy that can’t go wrong in any wedding ceremony. This is a hit everywhere with besan or boondi. Apart from wedding catering, you find the necessity of these delicious yummy Ladoos on Festivals, or like on puja time or any occasion or might be anything. It’s the all-time favourite to children and even elders.

There won’t be any religious boundaries for having ladoos. But you can see mostly Hindu peoples love eating ladoos, especially on any special day, a special occasion they must need ladoo’s in their lives.

Kheer/Payasam – a speciality of Indian wedding catering

The sound itself, “Kheer,” makes us attractive and mouthwatering. Everyone has their tastes. For example, if you see Muslims, you find “Seviyan Kheer” in every occasion, every festival they love to celebrate their happiness with that kheer. But if you go to Hindus there they will do “Paramannam (rice puddings of Hindus)”. It doesn’t matter which type of kheer it is. Just by adding Kheer in your wedding catering it-self makes your occasion so special.

This is a nice dish which is ideal after lunch. They are produced with fragrant rice or vermicelli, which can be served cold or warm with almonds, pistachios. Although they want it, it’s totally up to your clients. These are a thrill with a little taste for your taste buds.

Gajar ka Halwa

Who doesn’t love “Gajar ka Halwa”! An all-time favourite for mothers while feeding to kids as it is very taster and healthy too….And serving it in Wedding Catering is a lovely idea. Especially, in winter it’s a perfect dessert. It can fill the entire place with its sweet aroma. The sweet dish, look and the fragrance is such a way that the guests are attracted to the table as bees. It’s a beautiful dessert that can be prepared for family and friends.

Badam ka Halwa

Mostly, preferable in winter Indian wedding catering. This sweet dish is baked and cooked in ghee until it won’t get brownish colour with that perfect balanced flavour of badam & almonds.


This is West Bengal’s most favoured white coloured sweet delicacy. And because of its spongy composition, its low content of sugar and no ghee preparation, the health-conscious people are favored. In addition, these are offered in distinct sizes and tastes, even with a separate name for each type.


The oval or spiral form of this spongy, creamy and syrupy delights is accessible. These are perfect bonbons for marriages and also it’s every guest’s favourite. Moreover, the last few bites are like divine for those who love sweets like their dear ones.


It’s a famous crockery dessert that is good for a wedding breakfast and dinner party. It tastes just as delicious when served warmly. It is even a delight to look when prepared by the Halwai. The preparation itself makes your mouth water.


Though underestimated most of the moment, during weddings this is also nice to serve. It has its history, which is most common in northern Indian weddings. These flattering ones are easy to eat when served hot with chilled Rabdi scattered across the top, prepared with fried barley and dipped in syrup. I hope that you gleefully imagine the flavour!


It is essentially Indian ice cream, but it is well on the list of wedding catering sweets. Kulfi has become increasingly popular, dating from the days of kings and queens.

It is made from milk, saffroned or pistachio-flavoured and held under icing in a metal cone. Moreover, Kulfi always hits well among all age groups from kids to adults.

However, there are many other sweets on the list of wedding catering. But the most important thing to be remembered is whatever you are offering to your guests may be the best one, but it won’t be best until it tastes best. For this one need the best caterers. KMK Events presents you the best catering services along with events. If KMK Events is here then no need to worry about the taste. Because KMK always comes with the best quality with best services. That’s why KMK Event Management is now here touching the heights of success.

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