Indian Wedding Cost Break down in 6 ways

Before talking about Indian wedding cost breakdown let’s see how important a wedding is for Indians? ‘Once in a while for everyone, right there in the middle of their usual ordinary life, love gives them a fairy-tale.’ And anyone who relates to this will understand the urge of having a fairy-tale wedding. You know something is amazing & special about Indian weddings. In India, weddings are jam-packed, colourful, spectacularly filled with lavish décor, mouth-watering food, entertaining dance and most importantly loads of relatives that you have hardly met in your busy life.

But do you how much cost does it involved in an Indian wedding? Planning an Indian wedding is not as simple as it sounds. There is nothing to surprise to hear that when compared to past today the wedding cost’s has been doubled. But the truth is that no one wants to struggle financially on their perfect day. At present, couples are more enthusiastic and inclined to take charge of their special wedding. Everyone wants a lavish wedding to remember forever but by cutting back the cost.

What! Are you wondering about how to keep the wedding cost low? Do you think that having a big budget is the only left way to conduct a lavishes successful wedding day? Then make your mindset as after reading this article your way of thinking about wedding cost is going to change.

Let’s see ‘How to Plan an Indian Wedding on a Budget’

It doesn’t mean saving money on wedding day includes not inviting guests or not booking a marriage hall. But the best thing one can do is saving money on wedding events by thinking logically. We will be listing few amazingly extraordinary ways which may help you in saving money on your wedding event, quite significantly. Few of the ideas may appear a little over the top from the “relatives” point of view, however believe us it will undoubtedly prevent from digging an enormous hole on your pocket. Spending lots of money on social pressure doesn’t make any sense of having fun.

Save on catering expenses – Maybe less quantity but good quality

The best and good way to cut your expenses by shortening your menu, believe us it’s the best way where you can cut your expenses at the same time you are also avoiding wastage of food. One needs to focus on the main course Because we have seen in the recent past that people usually prefer fancy menu, which resides of countless starters and varied food items. But by focusing on this fancy menu, they forget about the main course. You know in most Indian weddings, the dinner is wasted due to pre-dinner snacks. So don’t make yourself mess up with a bigger food bill for uneaten food.

For treating your guests in a more economical way serve the food in buffet system. Instead of keeping multiple numbers of stations having different cuisines, stick to the most likely food that suits your guests the best.

Pick out a right wedding season – perfect season for perfect wedding!!!

Never hurry up at the time of wedding. Just plan your wedding at best a year head. Otherwise you might face a tough time for getting places to conduct the wedding. In India, there follows a particular wedding season – at that season most Indian weddings take place. So if you are not possessed with astrology or other relevant beliefs while picking dates then choose any random dates as per your convenience.

If you follow your beliefs and chosen your wedding dates in that particular season, you need to get prepared for flowing your money in the form of water. Be it a venue or pundit or the backbone food costs high in that particular season. However, if you go to off season wedding, you find yourselves surprised with the amount you spend on your wedding at the same time on saving. This is because in this season most wedding venues are not booked so you might get that in good discount rates. Even if you still want to do your wedding in the on season, we just advice you not to get married on the dates decided by the pundit.

So if you really love your happening life partner, just break all those bondages and pick some date and get married with her in a good comfortable budget.

Don’t go overboard with flowers

You know in today’s time one of the biggest task is getting the flowers in our budget. Choosing floral arrangements for your centerpiece at less expensive isn’t always a bad thing. Don’t you have any huge budget for going to imported flowers for decoration? Then choose seasonal flowers. If needed you can also go for artificial flowers along with natural flowers. No need to think twice for going to artificial flowers. The wedding planners make those artificial flowers also look in a natural way. This makes a huge difference on your budget.

Wedding Vendors

If you go through communal or overseas wedding suppliers, they are obviously going to charge more from you for everything like wedding decoration (including from entrance passage decoration to wedding stage decoration, sitting arrangement) entertainment, &catering. So if you go through a wedding planner you can save much as they have more contacts.

I would love to conclude that what a wedding planner can do, you cannot do on yourselves. Wedding planner can arrange your dream wedding in a good budget. So never feel stressed and sad by taking your wedding budget. At the same time, wedding planner will take away all your burdens on to his shoulders. And also helps you plan your best Indian wedding by taking care of all your likes and dreams. If you are planning your wedding and not sure about beginning? What are you waiting for? KMK Event Management has created many dream weddings of lovely couples with effective budget and makes their dream comes true.

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