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KMK Events is a packed service event management company in Hyderabad. We believe in fashioning extraordinary and flawless event proficiencies. KMK believes in crafting more cherishable moments which stays forever. At KMK Events we endlessly strive to be creative, inventive. Also, we believe in creating events style made for you. That’s what make KMK as the top renowed Wedding Planners in Hyderabad

About us:

KMK the topmost event organizer and wedding planners in Hyderabad, India runs by a group of young experiential talented professionals. In our 23 years of experience we worked hard and committed to outshine beyond your expectations. Also, take away all the stress of yours and make the organization looks great.

In these 26 years of successful journey, KMK had fruitfully expanded its wings in all major cities like Delhi, Chennai, Bengaluru, Visakhapatnam, Tirupathi & Vijayawada. The foremost Happiest thing is we have successfully organized 10000 plus extraordinary events in our beautiful journey. Our jam-packed team and their passion towards their work make KMK as the leading event & wedding planners in Hyderabad. Beisdes that we achieved the tag of being the top event management company in Hyderabad. Also, we are tagged by specialists in designing and implementing extraordinary events.

We are experts in organizing wedding events starting from engagement day to reception party, Corporate events, Birthday party organizers. In addition to these, Cocktail parties, Festival celebrations, Anniversary events,  Welcoming party and DJ nights. Moreover, KMK Events provides the best catering services. After all, food is the backbone of any event, where everyone sits all together and share their happy times with yummy tasty food.

Let us allow to handle all your event, no matter what the duration severity or time constraints. In the end, we assure an end to end fine and smooth execution of the event. Trustworthiness – something that we have earned over years of expertise in planning. Our team comes up with exceptional creative ideas and ensures an excellent emotional connect with the event. Just in case, if you are planning for unique theme based event that has never done formerly! We can help with that too as our team always be enthusiastic to organize new themes.

“Good work without proper planning is nothing”. Especially in an event management field planning is the most crucial aspect. Our planning team makes sure that every element is well thought out much in advance. So that we can ensure everything to be done correctly at the right time. That’s what makes KMK as the India’s top most event management company in Hyderabad.

Event Design

It’s the heart which makes an event stand out. Our creative designing team makes sure that the entire space must be filled with original themes. Also with lively colors and superb display that capture the imagining of the people attending the event.

Event Execution

Behind every successful project, there is a balance of creativity and proficient execution. Too often an abundant idea let down by inadequate production. Our execution team ensures to perfectly stage the core ideas for creating the desired impact on the clients.

Services of Our Event Management Company

Wedding Planner

The “wedding day” doesn’t it sounds special!!!… Definitely, whenever you look back you should get thrills of joy, where you find an awesome venue, sizzling decoration. Along with delicious tasty food, lovely family, superb DJ night and very loving couple. So how can we make such a special day of our lives to be normal? Why not give such a special and important responsibility to our capable wedding planners in Hyderabad. Obviously, Wedding planners create an elegant, spectacular ravishing day for you.

wedding planners in Hyderabad

In addition, KMK Events has made many fantasies and dreams comes true for those two very special people. Also, our jam-packed team always stays ahead to make every impossible thing to be made possible for you.

Corporate event planner in Hyderabad

Being one of the foremost event management company in Hyderabad, KMK is well-identified for corporate events too. Once if we get on to your corporate events, we make it truly ours. KMK offers bespoke design service, forming creative games that suit your brand. Moreover, we ensure that the event displays your objectives.

corporate event management companies in Hyderabad

Especially, we functioned jointly with all our clients and valued for bringing the special touch to each event we organize. From corporate events like award ceremonies to product launch, Inaugurations to Mega show events, Conference events to fashion show management and many others we have a treasure of ideas and experiences. From drawing on our many years of experience, we are specialists in designing. At the same time, experts in implementing unusual corporate events in an extraordinary manner.

Birthday Party Planner

“One more year older and one more reason to celebrate!” Birthdays are something that doesn’t require any age criteria. It’s for all, counting from 1-year kid to 100 years old being. It’s such an amazing day for getting surprised parties, gifts from dear ones, blessings from loved ones. Then how to make such an awesome day look ordinarily.

birthday party planners in Hyderabad

Another adventure filled year awaits you. So without a doubt, come let’s welcome it by celebrating with pomp and splendor. As KMK Events are very good party organizers by planning very joyful, adventurous and memorable birthday parties. Also, we know how to add a remarkable day in your sweet memories forever.

However, if you too want to make your child feel special! Get KMK Birthday party planners in Hyderabad to make you “Mom of the year” for your lovely kids.

Branch Address

3rd floor, Trade Fair Office Building,
Hitex, Izzat Nagar, Hyderabad, Telangana 500084.

Contact Numbers

Ph : 9246359191
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