In the Indian traditions, the engagement ceremony is a significant practice for the pre-wedding, would-be-bride and the bridegroom-to-be come face to face and are formally betrothed to each other by their families. ‘Vagdanam’ is a Hindu tradition from the Vedic era, whereby the bride family tells the groom’s family to take care of their daughter and to ensure that her future well-being takes care of her… It’s kind of an exchange of promises between families and a chance to learn about customs or rituals of each other. This is like an exchange of commitments among families and a chance to learn the customs or rituals of each other.

Engagement ceremonies vary in variations and specifics of the practices across most of the faiths and ethnicities in India. In some cases, the ceremony marks the formal announcement of the wedding ceremony, whereas in some cases the ceremony marks the official wedding date. In all societies across the world, exchanging of rings is not compulsory, but the formal declaration of the nuptial is almost always a ritual.

Lagna patrika

The “Vagdaan” ritual may be performed after the bride’s father has received permission from the bridegrooms’ father to continue the wedding. The couple also takes part in “Lagna Patrika,” a written vow to each other to marry at a later date. In simple Lagna Patrika represents when and where and between whom marriage is going to happen shortly. This ritual may be performed after the engagement ceremony is completed. Engagement and Lagna Patrika these two are seen as a formal wedding announcement, typically months later.

Nowadays are engagement and Lagna Patrika are performed on the same day. The rituals are keeps on evolving. After the ritual Lagna Patrika is completed, the wedding invitation card is distributed among relatives and friends.


The reception ceremony is arranged mainly by the groom’s family according to custom. After the key wedding day, the reception ceremony is performed. It is the first public appearance since their wedding. Normally the reception is arranged by the groom family in their home town and is like a big party. The relatives and friends of the groom side will attend in huge number. And from the bride side, only bride family and close relatives are invited. Reception is mainly at groom house to introduce the newlywed couple to the groom side.

House Decor

The day before the engagement, the groom house and bride house are decorated with mango leaves and banana leaves near the entrance of every door and with available flowers. Nowadays a stage was made to celebrate the engagement which was decorated according to the taste of the couple.

Mangala Snanalu

Mangala Snanam is a ceremony which is traditionally common during Telugu wedding and is a ritual in which on their wedding day or day before the wedding, the bride and the groom must take a good bath to purify and prepare them for wedding rituals.

Mangala Snanam is usually performed after the Haldi ceremony. These two Haldi and Mangala Snanam are intertwined as one.

Pellikuthuru Backdrop

What might be more fun than seeing all the relatives and friends at one place for this ritual? Both families of the bride and groom are gathered at their respective places to make Pellikuthuru and Pellikoduku before marriage. This ritual starts with the making of Nalugu is a mixture of turmeric powder, meals and oil. Then the groom and bride are smeared in Nalugu by friends and relatives. After this, new clothes are given as a sweet gesture to express. After that, the pair is all grateful for their success and happy married life together.

Pellikoduku Backdrop

What might be more fun than seeing all the relatives and friends at one place for this ritual? Both families of the bride and groom are gathered at their respective places to make Pellikuthuru and Pellikoduku before marriage. This ritual starts with the making of Nalugu is a mixture of turmeric powder, meals and oil. Then the groom and bride are smeared in Nalugu by friends and relatives. After this, new clothes are given as a sweet gesture to express. After that, the pair is all grateful for their success and happy married life together.


The Mehendi Ceremony, performed by the Bride’s Family, is a friendly ceremonial observance drawn from the traditional Indian rituals. Mehendi is put on the hands and feet of the bride in exquisite and intricate patterns during this ritual with the assistance of a specialist. The whole Mehendi Ceremony practice has a more fundamental meaning. The Mehandi signifies the affection and love in a marriage, and it is very rewarding for the wife to be able to keep her Mehendi for a longer time, which signifies that her husband has more love for her. The Mehendi Ceremony is accompanied by great joy and dance, and the women play an important role in Mehendi.


Hindu weddings deal with complex ceremonies, traditions and values, prospects. Traditional Hindu marriage ceremonies last for nearly 4 to 5 days. The ceremonies of Sangeet are part and parcel of the Indian wedding ceremony. Specific wedding rituals and ceremonies are depending on religion and places. Basically, after the Mehendi ceremony, Sangeet ceremonies usually occur. The household people were clustered around the bride and start dancing. Entertainment, dance and traditional marriage songs will follow.

The Sangeet ceremonies are traditionally part of the formal engagement that takes place a few days before the main wedding. Generally, sangeet ceremonies are performed in north Indian marriages. Current scenario sangeet has made its presence in south Indian weddings also. Many wedding planners say it adds a fun element to the Indian wedding. Professional assistance is taken to make sangeet awesome. The dancers are prepared well in advance and formed on the day of sangeet.

Bachelors Party

In the current scenario, the bachelor’s party was becoming very popular. Bachelor party is thrown by the bride and groom together or individually. In a bachelor party, only friends of groom and bride are invited. The party is housed in the home town or destination bachelor party. Most preferred bachelor party locations are seaside beach resorts and adventurous road trips.


The bride is brought by maternal uncle into the mandap. As the priest recited mantras, the wedding couple had a cloth screen between them. Following this, the bride’s father performs the ritual of Kanyadaan. He washes the groom feet and offers him her wife. During the Mangala sutra ritual screen between them is removed. The groom ties the Mangala sutra to the bride by three knots.

After this, the couple exchanges garland and are showered with yellow colour mixed rice and roses. Later Saptapadi ritual, which involves walking seven times around the sacred fire. After that, the groom slips a silver ring to the bride’s toe finger.

Sathyanarayana Swamy Vratham

Lord Satyanarayana is another form of Lord Vishnu, who, along with family and friends, is often worshipped by Hindus in their homes. People adore by reciting the gracious Lord’s story once told to the sage Narada by Lord Vishnu to the benefit of humanity. In the Hindu mythological book, Skanda Purana has mentioned the goodness of the Lord. He has four hands like Lord Vishnu, but his fourth side is not a lotus but is extending for blessing men upward.

Srinivasa kalyanam

Srinivasa Kalyanam is about a vow given by Lord Rama to Vedavati that he would wed her as Srinivasa at Kali Yuga. The story tells us that Alimelu Manga, Sita, and Maha Lakshmi are the same, while Padmavati and Vedavati (Sita’s falsified picture) are the same. The story also tells that Lord Venkateshwara, Lord Rama, Lord Vishnu and Krishna.

The newlywed couple is first to do Srinivasa Kalyanam in some family rituals. Believes that wed couple life will happy and prosperous without any disturbances.

Haldi Ceremony

The Haldi ceremony is in which a Haldi (Turmeric) paste is applied to the bride and the groom’s body. The ritual is performed one day before the marriage at the house of the bride and groom. After the Mehendi ceremony, the Haldi ceremony also observed in a few cultures. Generally, people used to make a paste with Haldi and various ingredients according to their family customs. As some of them mix it with dust and milk from the sandalwood, some blend it with rose water. It is then added to the bride and the grooms, head, arms, hands and feet.

The yellow colour (Turmeric) in Indian rituals is known to be very auspicious. The spirituality of this element and its colour for the pair who start their new lives together in a world of prosperity. That’s why the groom and bride wear yellow clothing in many societies on their wedding day.

Are you thinking to get married in 2020? Are you looking for good auspicious hindu marriage dates in 2020? Then you are on the right page! We will get you the most appropriate times to tie the knots in this 2020. Mostly in today’s time, people choose to get wed on holiday periods or dates as per them. But those who are traditional and want everything to be traditional they love to do it with proper Tithi & Muhurtham.

Still, it’s the right time to plan your wedding! Generally in Hindu weddings, they fix the dates suggested by the astrologists. Some believe that every season can be a wedding season. But as per Hindu customs, the wedding season starts from September to February. So if you want to get hitched on some ideal dates in this 2020, we might help you out!

While selecting the dates just don’t forget that no guests want to sweat about and get heat waves. An optimal wedding season in India depends largely on the climate. You can even go to some exotic place with a perfect environment for a destination wedding.

For example, If you are about to get destination wedding and wants that to be in Shimla then summer season will be a perfect time for you. If else, you are thinking of Mumbai, Kolkata, Delhi, February to March or November to December will be the most ideal months because of the milder climate.

We bought an amazing list for you guys as per Hindu calendar for 2020. Those who want to get married in those months also with all traditions in a proper Muhurtham. Then now get your planning guys! Hurry up! Let’s see the date’s month wise.

Hindu Marriage Dates in 2020 February

February symbolizes Red hearts, red roses lovely couples yeah it’s all about love! February the Valentines Day month is favourite for everyone. 16th February is a perfect date for getting together. On 14th February you can have Sangeet or Cocktail party. Getting to be wed on special dates is the latest trend now a day in India. So have a look! There are lots more auspicious wedding dates for you to pick up. 

3rd February 2020;         9th February 2020

10th February 2020;       11th February 2020

12th February 2020;      16th February 2020

18th February 2020;       25th February 2020

26th February 2020;         27th February 2020

Auspicious Marriage Dates in 2020 March

Which is an all-time favourite festival or we can say a celebration which brings lots of happiness and colours in your life? Yeah, you are right! It’s Holi. Holi falls in March. A marriage such an auspicious day, it’s like going to enter a new world with new fresh colourful pages. So how about starting your life’s colourful chapter in this colourful month. 

With Holi celebrate your Mehendi or sangeet ceremonies on 10th March and get wedded on 11th March. These are the most auspicious wedding dates amongst the others dates in March!

Let’s see the other promising wedding dates of March         

2nd March 2020;        3rd March 2020;

4th March 2020;        8th March 2020

11th March 2020;        12th March 2020

Hindu Marriage Dates in 2020 November

Whereas only 2 suitable dates are visible to get married in this month, we promise that they are going to book soon. Those two days fall at the end of November. That’s the time when the weather gets cool down at the same time favourable wedding season for all. 

25th November 2020(Wednesday)

30th November 2020 (Monday)

Yeah we know there is lot more time for November 2020 but still, we suggest you plan as there are very few wedding dates left in November. Especially for those who want to get destination weddings to need to hurry up!

Avoid the Exam Fever

Picture your wedding running and playing without your adorable nephews and nieces! How bad is that? It’s very important to keep your wedding dates from the time of the college and school exams. This is why March and April are considered the least favoured months of India’s larger wedding season.

Still, if you want to get married in these months of wedding season, get your relatives affirmation about their children’s exams before. After all, it’s a delight to watch the lovely kids dance on the dance floor for the DJ’s hit music. Also, if your nieces won’t be there then who’s going to be your flower girls.

As we had already mentioned the auspicious hindu marriage dates of 2020 march. Let’s see how April will be auspicious wedding season for you.

Hindu Marriage Dates in 2020 April

Hello! Don’t say hello to me! Say hello to this hot summer, attractive pastels & light Fabrics! With lovely floral lehengas in sorbet, colours have an amazing summer wedding. Let’s see the fortunate dates of this wedding season

14th April 2020 (Tuesday); 15th April 2020 (Wednesday)

25th April 2020 (Saturday); 26th April 2020 (Sunday)

Go Off-Season

Some months are known as off-season wedding months as far as favourable dates are concerned. However, you can save a fortune by marrying these off-season months, if you don’t worry about this. Plan your marriage to get massive discounts on all kinds of wedding services during March or early April.

Don’t forget to plan a perfect wedding season to have double fun with your loved ones. Hope this article helps you in finding the right auspicious wedding season for you. However, as per hindu marriage dates in 2020 choose the right wedding date to start your life’s most memorable chapter. 

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Corporate Event

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Business Conference

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