Stunning Summer Wedding Ideas for Everlasting Memories

So you have opted to have a gorgeous summer wedding? For that want some best summer wedding ideas? Well! The great thing that makes you remember the summer even after those soaring temperatures, hotness, sweat, and the sizzling sun is a wedding. Summer is the only times when we can sit back have some fun and take a chill from that busy running lives. The days are little longer than usual and the weather is better; it just fills everyone with the best moods.

In addition to the great mood, the best thing about a summer wedding is you can (mostly) rely on the weather and get the most outdoor wedding venues. And yeah, have a fairy tale wedding by keeping those summer blues away. And make sure that you just celebrate the special marriage day in grace with amazing wedding ideas.

So do keep these sizzling show stopper summer wedding ideas below to help you out from the great stuff like wedding day celebration ideas!!!

Summer Wedding Ideas

First, having a summer wedding is an enjoyable event and in fact, this sounds like a dream destination experience when you are picturing a summer wedding. People have celebrated together through the afternoon of sun and the nights of relaxation. But you need to do a little bit extra for your guest’s comfort. And yeah, it reminds you of vows before friends as the sun goes down and the warm summer breeze dances on your shoulders. 

Also, can have a great time with snacking on seafood cans, drink champagne and dance away at night with opening doors for the stars. Moreover, everyone along with the world’s prettiest couple can take the flavours of their wedding thoroughly being stress-free. 

“Summers remain incomplete without weddings, weddings remain incomplete without summer

So come read on and let’s find how to make yourself comfortable on your marriage day in those hot hot summer.  

Relief from the heat

Next up, we know you are too excited to notice some finer detailing’s, but the thing I am going to mention is pretty much important. So firstly, make sure that you give your guests those shades to get away from the sun whenever they want. For this reason, you must ensure that everything is in the proper place and be wise while choosing wedding venues. Also, check the space constraints and substitute options, but that should be your second thought. The first thought should be picking up a perfect venue to deal with the major issues.

Summer Wedding Decoration Ideas

Offer Regular Appetizers

Secondly, everyone doesn’t want their guests to be uncomfortable with the sweaty hot climate and gets dehydrated. So speak to your vendors about the choices and inquire for face wipes, hand towels, ice-cold water bottles and more. Even you can ask your catering providers to get some creative and special healthy drinks including ice-cream stalls to keep your guests going. And believe me, this should be must and stood at your summer wedding. 

catering services in Hyderabad

As we are discussing the appetizers so come have a quick look at the 

Fresh Platters

‘Food’ is, of course, the most important aspect of a big fat Indian Wedding. But as you are having a summer wedding stay away from greasy, hefty, dairy-based fare on your Wedding day. As a substituent replace deep-fried fritters with baked flavorful goodies. Also, in addition to them get fresh seasonal fruits, cheese platters as they offer delicious fare to your guests in the marriage. Guys, apart from wedding decoration, this could be one of the amazing wedding ideas for stun your guests. Do include unusual salads, cake pops, chaats, tasty tasty ice-candies and flavoursome Gulkand paan.

There is a quote in India i.e; “Athidhi Devo Bhava” means “Guests are God” so we need to take utmost care of our guests. So ask your wedding planners and caterers to take care of everything from food to guest hospitality, so that your guests don’t have any bad food memories in your special marriage day. 

“Summer – Wedding Made for Each Other!!!”

Don’t begin at noon

Well! If you wanna avoid planning big wedding ceremonies and occasions at the time when it is a way too hot outside! Ohm! Then the best thing is, instead of completely avoiding the summer how about starting your wedding ceremonies, parties relaxingly in the late afternoon or early evenings. It’s a great idea to fit the climate and time for you and your guests, Right? If in case it seems a pretty difficult option for you guys in those hours! Then you can also find an awesome indoor wedding venue with fresh air conditioning to combat the hot weather. With all these comforts you can allow all your wedding ceremonies run smoothly with a bang. 

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And guys even having an indoor wedding, you guys can enjoy the summer breezes by arranging the dinner party outside with awesome seasonal food and lot more delicious options for the guests to take the full joy of the summer wind with tasty delicacies. Guess what planning perfect juicy delicacies plays a very important step while planning the wedding ideas.

Go with Dynamic Colours – get amazing colourful wedding decoration ideas!

Summer weddings are popular with bright hues. But you could end up with a look that’s more carnival than bridal if you try to use too many colours in one place.

stage decoration ideas

What’s hot now: well! Dream of elegant luminance’s and Holding the room unified by only two hues (or two plus an accent colour). Using a powerful statement in a single vibrant colour — consider all- centrepiece or bright orange table linens rather than splashing colour all over your reception room. This is true particularly for your wedding centrepieces: substitute floral arrangements for a pulled-out look, instead of multicolour pieces. 


Finally, we got through the end of this article on ‘Summer Wedding Ideas’. But before ending up this article I would like to lighten up a point especially for the lovely brides. So during your bridal makeup, you guys need to go easy and choose some waterproof products to maintain that glowy, dazzling face throughout the events. Also, while organizing the wedding ceremonies in outdoor venues or open venues, make sure to have mist fans to engage the kids as they love standing in front of.

In case, you got stuck in planning you can get KMK Event Management, professional wedding planners in India. If you loved these wedding ideas do share with us your summer wedding experiences through comments. 

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