Awesome Wedding Decoration Ideas

Every wedding has a theme of its own and the audience must distinguish itself. It is important to avoid the idea of cliche, or excessively used, whether you’ve been leaning to the traditional wedding decoration or the modern decorations, light, flower, tulle, curtains, mandaps, tents. Your wedding wants to be completely unique and out of the ordinary because it will be remembered for years as an significant day. You have to make your place a dreamy and lovely wedding site and here are a few tips to spice up your wedding venue. You certainly will get a lot of recognition from the guests with these new and fresh concepts while having a delightful treat.

Every little detail that counts:

Not only a wedding but all your occasions must always be very welcoming and full of warmth. This is the first thing that your invitees look about. From the entrance to your wedding everything should be astonishing and eye catchy, and there are a few ways to do this.

Just Imagine that the first thing that your invitees see is a drape (curtain) dangling down. Let me explain you in a simple way, Drape in the sense curtain and they are made of ribbons and jingle bells with lovely color palettes. Trust me dear, it’s a great place to click amazing pictures infront of! That going to be a lovely color scheme to delight the eyes and gets a sparkling smile on your guests faces. If you have any wedding event or any occasion go for this to spice up your event venue in the day light.

Let the flowers talk on behalf of you: whoa! Moment to your Wedding decoration

“Blossoms could never be off the trend. Not now, not never”

Flowers are the way to go, particularly when colored, as shown in the pictures below, by a thin transparent string, they look like a wall of flowers magically located in the atmosphere. It’s very lovely and makes the mood lighten up. It will also make your entrance a wonderful addition to fascinating. The main benefit is that any sort of flora can be made from cheaper to the most costly depending on your budget. Regardless of which type of flower it is, it gives an incredible look as flowers are a sign of freshness and charm.


To enrich the night, there are many dazzling ideas which include tons of fairy lights. Let me show you some of my favorites which gives an enriched touch even if it’s used for beautifying rooms or colossal lobby. Who wouldn’t want to walk in this shiny fairy light tunnel and feel like they are in a fairyland? This will definitely add an enriched touch to your wedding entrance. It just mesmerize you and your guests.

Blend of colors & Lighting: best idea to highlight your wedding decoration

Here’s another variant of the fairy light entrance. The colors, however, are minimally present. There should be perfect balance of colors to have their own attentiveness.  Also the lights should not be too much but fascinate the attention they deserve. The way they create a lovely color scheme also contributes to the beauty of the pattern. This will be the perfect entrance decor to joy your guests and to spice up your venue.

Projecting Lights: isn’t it cool for your wedding decoration

Now these projecting lights are in boom for getting that smoothing color effect and unique elements. The projector, as illustrated below, makes patterns on the carpet looks much more attention-grabbing. This makes even a simple decor to stand out with some modern touch.

The best part about projector lighting is, one can change as many colors as they want. In addition, they can also change the patterns as they want to keep their eyes new and refreshed. Along with children, the adults also love it. It seems simple little thing, but it can also makes your wedding venue looks unique & gorgeous.

Moroccan Tents

Next up is Moroccan tents , which not only looks stylish but also looks realistic and there is no point of disliking it. It’s one of the best ways to add a unique flavor to your venue. Trust me your guests would definitely love this theme.

Time to play with bright color: wedding decoration without bright colors!! Oh no..

Finally, bright color decor in indoors is a big thing in itself. Go for up-beat popping interior and amaze your guests

However, these are few tips but there are many more creative wedding decoration ideas to amaze your guests. Hope this article helps you to think about amazing decor ideas. If you want something more unique and out of the box, KMK Event Management is there to take your event beyond the limits. Besides that, they make it a marvelous day for everyone.

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