Check Out How a Wedding Planner in India Styles a Hassle Free Wedding!

How many of you feel like a Wedding Planner in India just turn the entire wedding into a magical wonderland? But have you ever thought about the risk, planning involved in organizing a marriage? For any wedding planner in India creating a hassle-free wedding is not yet simple, in fact, not for any wedding planner.

So today I would like to shine a point about wedding planners. And that is, sadly the wedding organizer cannot simply wave a magic wand suddenly to plan the couple’s dreamy fairy tale wedding or just can’t sprinkle the sparkles of happiness in the air to make everybody smile. But they do have a sense of insight & experience to take away the stress and alleviate couples from getting tensed.

Now you just relax, hold yourselves calm and scroll down tranquilly for knowing the roles & responsibilities of a wedding planner in India.


Firstly, a wedding coordinator’s rising first duty is the first early consultation/meeting with the client. During that meeting, they will talk about the wedding style they are dreaming of. Also, some general info like whether the client wants a simple wedding or big fat wedding are the crucial things to discuss during the first meeting.

Apart from that, a wedding planner also needs to find out how much budget the couples are willing to spend, as it has a dramatic effect on detail and quality. Also along with budgeting, the wedding event planner needs to discuss their fee at the initial consultation itself to avoid any misunderstandings.


Secondly, the wedding organizer lands on planning. Following the discussion, they had in the first meeting the wedding planner in India begins executing the plans into actions. Now the question is what will come under this? Come let’s see what the checks they need to cross:

  • Booking the location as per the dates
  • Contacting the vendors (like floral companies, stationery makers, logistics, etc.,)
  • Arranging the entertainment
  • Designing the theme as detailed by the couples.

These are the main things they need to plan after the client meeting. Moreover, formerly and during this phase, the wedding planner sustains a close interaction with the couples and their families to ensure that everything goes perfectly. Also, in some cases the wedding planners have to see whether they are in line of budget or is there any raise in it?

Budget Managing

In general, wedding planners can benefit from a vast experience in the management of wedding budgets and thus can determine which services match your budget. For example, the real wedding planner will help to find a beautiful location for the wedding, because of the priceless connections with the wedding industry.

Attention to detailing

KMK wedding planner in India spends hours sitting with the bride & grooms to get a clear vision about their dream wedding and give their best to get that into reality. Maybe for this reason they are tagged as “You Dream – We Create”, “One stop solution for all your events”.

Moreover, being a wedding planner they never forced to rub their thoughts ahead, they give first preference to the clients and suggest them some best options in planning. But they assure you to blast every detailing such as décor, venue, entertainment, music, guest hospitality and a lot more. Even they take care of wedding logistics too.

Working with the vendors

During their valuable journey as a wedding planner in India, they had already built many precious connections with the wedding vendors such as florists, caterers, musicians, photographers etc. 

To help you find the best wedding suppliers within your budget, this saves you a lot of time.

Maintaining the task track

What do you think, which could be a challenging task for a wedding planner in India? What happened got stuck with many? Not to think much I would tell you what it is exactly. For any wedding planner in India keeping track of all the tasks will be the most puzzling chore.

The wedding planner sets appointments and takes over the fastidious part of the contract with wedding vendors. Of fact, due to business ties, a professional wedding planner will receive a discount.

Management on the day of Marriage

Surely, nothing is more stressful than the wedding day’s orchestration and this can be the main role of the wedding planner. So on your most special day of life, a wedding planner ensures everything goes smoothly. In addition, the marriage planner handles the preparations and sets the schedule for the wedding day. Everything from the vendors to ensuring the wedding cake looks just as you want is the responsibility of the wedding planner.

Travel Arrangements & Guest hospitality

Additionally, a wedding planner is in-charge of making all arrangements during a wedding trip to the outstation guests. They arrange the routes, plan their stays and coordinate all details of the functions, places and locomotive facilities with them. Apart from this some wedding planners also arrange the best honeymoon packages for the bride & groom.


Finally, we came to the conclusion! As we all know that each wedding is unique for everyone, the answer to the question, “What wedding planner in India does”? We just can’t justify it completely as the list will differ depending on the wedding planner in India. But one thing will be common in every wedding planners list and that is taking away all the stress and making you feel the show stopper of the day. Along with some amazing decor collection and delicious food journey to your guests.

So as long as a wedding planner remains, you can make your wedding planning very lucratively and everlastingly with their attentiveness. Also, I hope this article helps you to get an idea about a wedding planner does. Besides that, if you too want to share your views can feel free to pin us!

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