Top-Notch Wedding Planners in Chennai

Generally, in prior times the wedding planning was largely done by the “Fam Bam” (family & dear ones) organizes all services together. But in today’s time, this has replaced by the wedding planners. A professional event management service provides good insight of the wedding plan and handles with ease under the guidance of wedding planner. Well, it should be noted that the wedding planning in today’s era is extensive in terms of services & challenging in terms of themes and fixing in a perfect budget.

To-wed, if you are eyeing for remarkable wedding planners to aid you out with everything that spells a wedding??? Hmm! Then here I have got you the best classic and exclusive wedding planners in Chennai.

“We have Dreams & Creativity – Let us create your Dream Wedding”

Best Wedding Planners in Chennai

Let me introduce you KMK Wedding Planners in Chennai, they offer end to end services to amaze your guests at your dream wedding. Right from planning, designing to shaping the wedding – be it Hindu wedding or Muslim or Christian wedding or about destination weddings – KMK events ensure you world best wedding memories of your life. In fact, not only with their décor themes but also mesmerizes you with their amazing food dishes through catering services in Chennai. And yeah, till to date, they have organized a handful of weddings in India with different traditions & rituals. In short, planning a marriage is a mind-blowing job – which KMK Wedding organisers in Chennai are passionate about.

Team Work

Their creative teamwork innovatively to support the beauty, emotion and artistry in the wedding event management companies in Chennai. Moreover, they encourage couples to push the boat out and celebrate their style.

Altogether, the high-end exclusive KMK wedding planners in Chennai give you the finest whatever wedding it might be. We can describe KMK Wedding Planners in Chennai as the top wedding event management companies in Chennai with enormous creativity quotient. They always vow that every wedding should poetry its own unique story. By keeping this in mind, till today they have successfully organised 10,000 plus events in Chennai, Karnataka, Telangana, and Delhi they’ve got the knack of doing it oh-so-perfectly. And yeah, the most important thing to remember is KMK Events has completed its 23 plus fruitful years in the event management industry.

Wedding Decoration

When it comes to wedding decoration, KMK Marriage planners in Chennai believes that décor can uplift the mood and the visual appeal of the marriage also it can trash the day. In short, the wedding décor can make a huge difference in your wedding. 

Also, KMK believes that with minute detailing, the right blend of elements and with perfect execution even the simple wedding decoration can look elegant & chic.

Wedding decoration is such a topic which never ends. With changing time & changing trend the style of decoration also gets changed. So as best wedding planners in Chennai we can’t wait to update our self as per the trending trend. That’s what makes us engage our clientele and mesmerizes all with our magical décor.

Haldi Ceremony
Top wedding Planners in Chennai
South Indian Wedding Rituals
Engagement Decoration

Changing trend is aside, and Chennai traditional weddings are aside. India is well known for its traditions & customs and this can mostly see in Chennai. So planning a Chennai wedding is a tricky task for the wedding planners in Chennai. As they not only have to shine the couples true personalities but also have to shine their traditions & customs through their décor.

In this KMK Events has done their master. Till today they have organized many traditional weddings and custom weddings where they truly shined the Indian traditions.

Wedding Services of Wedding Planners in Chennai

Being the best wedding planners in Chennai, from the last two decades we are offering many wedding services starting from pre-wedding ceremonies to post wedding rituals like

Pre Wedding Ceremonies

  • Engagement (Nichayathartham Ceremony)
  • Lagna Pathirikai
  • Wedding House Decoration
  • Mangal Snanalu
  • Bridal Backdrop
  • Groom Backdrop (Vrutham)
  • Mehndi Ceremony
  • Sangeeth Ceremony
  • Bachelors Party
  • Haldi Ceremony (Pallikal Thellichal)

Wedding Ceremony

Post Wedding rituals

  • Wedding Reception 
  • Sathyanarayana Swamy Vratham
  • Srinivasa Kalyanam

Catering Services

Long after the wedding, the memories are the ones who bring that shiny smile on your happening faces. So we can’t miss any single wedding ritual, to be amazed by our decoration & delicacies to capture the highlights for carrying to future memories.

If you are looking to have such a mesmerizing wedding, get KMK Wedding Planners in Chennai. They not only mesmerize you with their magical wedding decoration they made your dream wedding comes true. Also, they know well how to engage your guests with their tasty delicacies and pretty décor along with guest hospitality.

Not only, as wedding planners in Chennai, but you can also hire them as your event planners. They are not bounded to weddings but also showcased themselves as corporate event planners, Birthday party planners and a lot more. In brief, We are a one-stop solution for all your events. So think wisely, and come to a decision that makes your day more stunning.

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Top-Notch Wedding Planners in Chennai

Generally, in prior times the wedding planning was largely done by the “Fam Bam” (family & dear ones) organizes all services together. But in today’s time, this has replaced by the wedding planners. A professional event management service provides good...

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