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Planning to get married!!! So stressed about the arrangements, venue bookings, planning & management of your wedding? OH! Then not to disturb yourself with such tensions & worries. As we always say that in today’s era it’s difficult to manage all the marriage works in that busy schedule. So to pay attention to many different details at an Indian wedding, hiring professional wedding planners in Delhi helps in making your dreamy day go like a dream.

So this time we have bought you KMK Wedding Event Planner in Delhi to look after all your worries and make sure that your wedding goes well with joyful memories. You just need to take the feel of your Marriage day’s every single moment to the fullest. And yeah our wedding planners design some true & personalized ideas that go with your style and make your dream wedding shines.

I think it would be a good start if we go with a brief Introduction

KMK Events is a well-fabled event management company in Delhi, India with 23 plus years of experience and have been delivering magical wedding management services all over India and ruling as the top luxury wedding planners in Delhi.

Our Imaginative planner transforms your wedding space truly like a fairytale world and leaves you in awe. Especially our entire team will make sure that everything goes smoothly and gets what you wanted on your dream wedding from concept planning to excellent execution. In short, we work so closely just like a co-host with our clients and take care of every single detailing.

Now, come to other roles that we play apart from top wedding planners in Delhi are corporate event planners, Birthday party organisers, Party Planners, decorators, caterers. Also we do all kind of events like House Warming, Social events, festival events, Half Saree Ceremonies, Baby shower, Cradle ceremonies and lot more.

Journey as Wedding Planners in Delhi

“So let’s see our journey as wedding organisers in Delhi to naming as the famous wedding planners in Delhi”

Apart from Catering Services, when we started our steps as one of the wedding companies in Delhi, it was just our passion which we want to take to heights especially this was the only thing we had in our thoughts. So in the beginning steps, we had seen some tough time as a fresher in this wedding event industry. But later on, we showed our passion with a magical twist in it.

Apart from this in the list of wedding planning companies in Delhi, we are rated in the top as wedding planners in South Delhi. And yeah within a short span we shined as the best wedding planners in Delhi, in fact, all over India. So maybe that’s what made us awarded as the best event management company in India.

top wedding planners in delhi
famous wedding planners in delhi

In this journey, we had narrated many beautiful couple’s love story through our creative designs we can also say them as the theme-based décor or designs which truly poetry the couple’s story.

From traditional wedding themes to modern designs and many blends of traditional modernistic themes were also executed perfectly by KMK Events.

Well, the wedding planner not only plans your wedding day but also starting from pre-wedding rituals to till post-wedding rituals a wedding planner will take care of.

So let’s see what are the services that are covered by KMK Wedding Planners in Delhi.

Services we offer in Wedding

In India, every wedding has its style and reflects different customs and traditions. Whereas, in Hindu Weddings, we offer these services


  • Engagement Ceremony
  • Lagna Patrika
  • House Decoration
  • Mangala Snanam
  • Haldi Function
  • Bridal Backdrop Or Pellikuthuru Backdrop
  • Groom Backdrop Or Pellikoduku Backdrop
  • Mehendi function
  • Sangeeth Ceremony
  • Bachelors Party



  • Reception Decoration
  • Sathyanarayana Swamy Vratham
  • Srinivasa Kalyanam


But as we always say KMK Events is not bounded, we do all kinds of marriages curated with different customs, traditions & marriage rituals. Furthermore,KMK always tries to bang on every wedding décor.

Especially, if we talk about wedding mandap, then we always feel like wedding mandap is not just a place, it’s the place where you and your BAE take the celebrated 7 vows together to spend the rest of your life. So every décor every detailing of your marriage should not just be pretty, it needs to be too big & glam.

Finally, I would love to add a quote for the lovely couples who are going to get married “Makes your marriage day as an exceptional era, that the ENTIRE Fambam witness your love with everlasting memories” – KMK Wedding Planners in Delhi.

However, wedding is such an amazing day in everyone’s life. So it truly deserves to be a wow!!! If you want to amaze your wedding hire KMK Wedding Planners in Delhi who had shined magic in the event industry so beautifully. 

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