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Well, there are many wedding planners in Vizag. But it’s not just enough to be called as wedding organisers in Vizag. Moreover, we need to refer to the best wedding planner in Visakhapatnam. Who gives their best through their creativity and show their professionalism in their planning at best & affordable prices.

This time we thought about introducing you to the top wedding decorators in Vizag!

So there you go KMK Events are here. From traditional south Indian weddings to colourful north Indian weddings, from striking east to customary west Indian weddings, from elegant Christian weddings to glamorous Muslim weddings & dreamy destination weddings – KMK wedding planners in Vizag is a single take for all.  

KMK Events Brief

KMK wedding planners was initiated in the year 1996. In these 23 years of our journey we have tremendously organized, designed more than 10,000 plus wedding events, corporate events, birthday party events and lot more events along with catering services. And the best part with KMK is that you are free to flaunt your dream wedding just the way you dreamt. 

Indeed we have professionalized in adding the magical touch on the most exceptional day of your life. And we assure you that with our magical wedding theme ideas you can cherish these sweet memories forever. As we have a located a branch in Visakhapatnam from the past 2 decades, we have a trustworthy understanding with the vendors & service providers located in Vizag.

We offer elegant wedding to lavish & intimate destination weddings, from wedding home decorations to pre-wedding ceremonies, from wedding car decoration to wedding decorations. KMK gonna leave you to spellbound with our mesmerizing flower decoration themes with fascinating colour combinations and meticulous planning of every minute detail.

What Makes KMK as Magical Wedding Planners in Vizag

KMK Events always follows three things

  • Firstly Listen
  • Then after analyze
  • Finally Present


Whenever our team attends any client meeting, first we listen to them. Because we believe a good listener is not only a good speaker but also be a perfect executor. Until we listen to the client how we could get their dream into reality with perfect detailing.


Next through your words, we will analyze and customize your requirements and then according to that, we will start our planning about how to fulfil your dream wedding wishes. 


Once the planning was done, a presentation will be given to the clients with complete details regarding their needs as they described, and the themes along with the budget.

Whereas, at KMK Event Management Company the above three checks will be done with proper perfection to satisfy the client’s expectations.

What We Offer as Wedding Planners

When it comes to wedding celebrations in India, you can find many exciting and colourful rituals from pre-wedding to post-wedding. So let’s have a look after all the services that we offer in a wedding event

Pre Wedding Ceremonies

  • Engagement
  • Lagna Patrika
  • Wedding House Decoration
  • Mangal Snanalu
  • Pellikuthuru Backdrop (Bridal Backdrop)
  • Pellikoduku Backdrop (Groom Backdrop)
  • Mehndi function
  • Sangeeth Ceremony
  • Bachelors party
  • Haldi Ceremony

Wedding Ceremony

Post Wedding Ceremonies

  • Wedding Reception 
  • Sathyanarayana Swamy Vratham
  • Srinivasa Kalyanam

Well! Yeah, the services may get varied with the style of wedding you are gonna choose. 

What We Do

Firstly, coming to the décor, our team with their artistic thoughts along with their diverse range of variants, from fashionable, Romantic, Splendor to traditional and rustic to vintage wedding decoration themes will leave you awe-struck. Also, we can guide you with the best wedding locations to get you hooked up.

Apart from decoration, we know how busy you are on our Big Day, so as your wedding planners our hospitality team will take care of your guests from the arrival to transportation and lodging. In addition to that, when it comes to catering we have the best chefs who are professionals in adding a special essence in every dish to highlight.

Finally, in short, from the day you decided to get engaged to till taking the marriage vows, KMK wedding planners in Vizag, never get tired adding magical moments into your life. Also, we feel like our work speaks for itself. So I would love to end this article with a lovely quote “Some are looking for beautiful places, but some make the place beautiful” that’s what KMK do for you…..

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