Breathtaking Engagement Decoration Ideas That Cherish your Engagement day

Well! Before getting directly to the engagement decoration ideas, let’s see why to make an engagement ceremony look so special?

When two different people of different mindsets decided to get connected in most fine-looking bond to take a crazy quest ride called living together. The first phase before tie the knots is “engagement.” I know whoever reading this article are might be going to be engaged or any of their dear ones going to get into that relationship.

Mostly, an engagement day is mainly to formalize the commitment to each other as a couple in front of all the family members, friends and all dear ones. The engagement ceremony is so different from the other wedding rituals. You know what, sometimes the engagement day will be the very first sight of the couple. Isn’t it exciting? So obviously such an exciting day must get some fascinating decoration….

By using incredible engagement decoration ideas, you can make your engagement look divine. After all, you and your partner must officially sign up to be one on your engagement ceremony, so why not make it striking! The whimsical hanging decor is a special addition to the fashionable engagement decoration ideas. Anything can be used to hold visitors fascinated by the decor, including floating light bulbs to handicrafts like umbrellas and puppets.

And certainly long after the engagement has ended, they’ll wonder about this. Would you like to hear more? Would you like to know more about decoration ideas?

Then we’ve got some catchy engagement decoration ideas that is a seamless blend of love, chic, style and simplicity. Also, they just leave you sound “awe”.

Turning lawn into a lavish and rustic look for Christian engagement

KMK had rocked a Christian wedding in Delhi with fantabulous decoration which made them feel the taste of India. Firstly, we have creatively converted flying club lawn into a pleasant, lavish and rustic look with white floral art and appropriate balloon lighting. Everything went so well that each complemented the other i.e., white drapes, white lilies and white lights. For couples who want an outdoor engagement. This was picture perfect decoration for them.

Christian Engagement Ceremony


Imagine the path that leads you to your life’s love is lit by dazzling fairy lights that suit your joy and anticipation level? It’s every bit of a dream. You can integrate this atmosphere almost anywhere, whether it’s a venue or your house while being sure to win some hearts. With constant newness brimming up and creative minds of engagement decorators curating unique and fresh trends, Indian engagement decorations have boomed up. Look at this fab engagement décor idea. “Beautiful blossoms, the elegant drapes, the lovely Ganesh Ji in the middle of greenery just made it picture perfect décor on your special day”.

Enagagement Ceremony by KMK Event Planners


Drapes and floral arch when executed perfectly it creates a mesmerizing effect. Look at this latest KMK latest engagement décor. A beautiful custom metallic and floral circular arch as engagement backdrop for a beautiful couple. The circular floral arch is famed for wedding ceremonial backdrops.

Circular Floral Arch by KMK Event Management


Floral exotic engagements are ever so popular with not only being romantic but also with so much fun, inexpensive, enduring and chic in their own special way. For an happy engagement day, there are many décor ideas that adds beauty to your special day of life. KMK always want to add life in every element to make it photogenic. Where the guests and lovely couple can spend ample time and seize the joyful moments. Firstly, have a good look at this exotic flower decoration. A photo booth having adorable roses, lovely cloth with drapes in the backdrop couple frame, carnations.

Floral Decoration stage with a lovely photo booth

Hope this article helps you in getting clear about your dream engagement decoration ideas. If you want to share your view you can go to our comment section. Also, if you are looking for an event management company for your wedding, get KMK Events an award winning event management company in India.

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