Most Amazing Candle Decoration Ideas to Light up Your Wedding Décor

You imagine everything happy and nice with soft lighting that brings everything together as you dream of your wedding. Everything in your dream looks so fantastic. But you may want the same effect in real life with basic household item-candles. These bright decor items can correctly illuminate your wedding photos, can serve as a prop for photobooths or simply light a passage. You are responsible for how you want it to be included in your wedding decor, but we can guarantee one thing; all of this will be worth at the result. To begin with, we invited you to take advantage of a range of candle decoration ideas. Let’s just dig in.

Fashionable Candles

Firstly, use artificial decorative candles to prevent accidents. You would be amazed to know the number of candle decoration ideas that these artificial lights can implement. You can set them in your wedding venue anywhere because they wouldn’t burn anything. See how the idealistic couples use them down below.

Photo booth

Do you agree that you are getting the prettiest selfie from the soft glow of candles? But be more careful when you do that of its flame. Well, your guests don’t have to worry about it with artificial lighting and get their photographs freely clicked. This is why a photo booth with artificial candles needs to be set up. Don’t tell us that is one of the most “lit” ideas you heard so far about decorating candles.

photobooth Candle decoration ideas

A lit Entrance: With candle decoration ideas

Decorate your entrance with a lot more candles and we promise you that this décor looks as dazzling as this picture here. Place the candles at some points on the entrance and illuminate the whole roof with chandeliers and candle hangings. It’s as fantastic as it is. Use LED candles that last hours, unlike wax candles, before they go out.

Spice up the steps with Candle decoration ideas

If you are thinking about candle decoration ideas to groom up your venue stairs or steps, would we inspire you? All you have to do is play with symmetry and focusing circles, as you can see in the photo above. Place the candles evenly on distances & make a flower boundary, so that people don’t walk around it.

Wax candles

This is what you think when you say candle. But if not carefully placed, it can be dangerous to use them as a decor item. That is why candle decoration ideas often come with mason jars or teacups. Below are some of the friendly ideas to explore candle decoration.


One of the most obvious decisions for the placement of candles is as a centerpiece on the table. The atmosphere of your wedding will be pleasantly encircled by a lovely bouquet with those candle centerpieces. Your guests will not need to walk to a photo booth to get good photos, as they could take DP selfies right on their table. How does one centerpiece contrast with the hue of your marriage lights, by filling the entire table with candles and using their illumination? Take hints of this rustic dining table for candle decoration ideas. It’s a smart move to place them all in water-filled glasses and jars, to avoid unpredictable misfortunes.

Floating Candles

Do you have a poolside cocktail party or is your idea of a Mandap decor floating? If yes, then Candle Decoration Ideas are perfect for your event with Floating candles. Get your wedding decorator to make floating centerpieces like the above one and focus the candles. It should do so to create a thermocline base. The arrangement can be both cheap and super beautiful.

floating candle decoration

Now, look at this enchanting Candle decoration ideas thrown into this beautiful floral arrangement. Are you as enchanting as we are? If so, make this page bookmark and show this photo to your florist. For your wedding event, you can create these floating lanterns.

Hanging Decor: perfect candle decoration ideas

How about hanging candles in such a fashionable way around your wedding venue? It gives beautiful photos of decoration that are the highlight of your wedding album.

Special Spot

A dedicated spot for them can be another possible way to embellish your candles decoration ideas. Find any nook that appears to be capable of upgrading esthetically and put the entire candle around. Flowers and sparkling candles are an unbeatable classic combination. Place these in your desired location and voila! You have a different spot that showcases your decoration.

Did you stun by all these candle decoration ideas that can be implemented cost-effectively during your wedding? Well, talk to your wedding designer and make your space amazing for all your wedding guests. Even we can also provide you with the best event management services. Have a look at our website for more info!

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