The Enchanting Indian Wedding Rituals

Indian marriages, also known as’ Vivaah,’ were best known for this sacred case in the form of glory, traditions, graces, colours, almost carnival. The rituals, design and vibrant sections of the wedding have already been said so much, so I would like to speak about the importance and essence behind the intriguing rituals and cultural importance of the centuries-old traditions of a Vivaah.
Although many subcultures exist in India, this is the fundamental version of a “true Indian marriage.”


Haldi – happens in all Indian wedding rituals

Firstly, Haldi is an advantageous lucky ritual. Haldi is a paste mostly made from turmeric, chickpea and rosé. Especially, the bride and groom’s family members and dear ones apply the paste on the skin of the bride/groom. This yellow paste is intended to enhance and even shine the skin tone and is applied one day before the wedding.

Mehndi – very special for bride & women

Secondly, Mehndi is a colourful and enjoyable celebration that is traditionally held on the family’s side by the females the night before their wedding. Generally, a skilled Mehndi artist or a relative applies henna to the bride and other females hands and feet with tricky designs. However, those intricate designs represent pleasure, beauty, spiritual revival and openness. In addition to this, there is one more specialness about mehndi, the bride makes the groom’s name in her palms in a secret way and asks the groom to find his name in her beautifully enchanted mehndi.

Also, there is a lovely proverb in Hindi, like “जितना गेहरा मेहँदी का रंग होगा, वुतना ही गेहरा वुनका प्यार होगा ”. There will be full too “Bollywood tamasha” with lots of dance, music and full!…

Wedding Ceremony: Baraath ( starting with a lovely ritual)

Indian marriages unite not only the Bride and groom but their relatives as well. Moreover, while making choices in life, the family plays the main role. India is a collectivist culture at its heart. With the arrival of the Groom, the ceremony starts.

Baraat (The procession of the groom):

Mostly, the groom arrives on the horse at the entrance to his wedding place, accompanied by his family and friends during a festive procession known as the baraat. And the procession comprises of his family and friends who sing and dance around him to a professional dhol player, usually playing music. Finally, at the entrance of the wedding venue, the baraat is encountered by the bride’s family.

In all these Indian wedding rituals, Baraat creates many entertaining, enjoyable and happy moments to everyone while dancing.

Milni – a meeting of the two different families

Milni is a lovely ritual where the mother of the Bride welcoming the groom in a complete Indian traditional style. Bride and groom relatives embrace and greet each other with festoons. The bride family then accompanies the groom to the mandap, they altar with a canopy where the ceremony takes place. The mandap is the home where the bride and groom will become together as one.

Ganesh Puja – a prayer to Lord Ganesh ji

The ceremony starts with the worshipping of Lord Ganesh, the destroyer of every obstacle. The priest leads the parents of the Bride and the groom to offer Lord Ganesh flowers, sweets and prayers.

Kanya Aagaman:

The bride comes into the room and has her maternal uncle and sister escorted to the mandap, which shows that the mother side of the bride approves of a union.

Some times during “Kanya Aagaman” the bride is accompanied by her sister, cousins and close friends in other areas of India.

Jai Mala (Garlands Exchange):

As the bride approaches the mandap, floral guerrilla bride-and-groom exchange, meaning that she is mutually willing. The bride and groom show their acceptance symbolically to each other through the exchange of floral garlands.

Kanyadaan and Hasta Milap – Giving the Bride’s Away

At this point, a bride’s father pours sacred water into the hands of his daughter and places her hand into his groom’s hand, giving away the bride his most precious gift officially. Sister or cousin of the groom then binds the end of the groom’s scarf to the bride’s sari with betelnuts, copper coins and rice, symbolizing unity, success and happiness. The knot represents an eternal marriage bond.

Vivah Havan: (Lit the sacred fire)

Soon, after knotting, the priest lights up the sacred fire or Agni. As a witness for the ceremony, Agni symbolizes the divine presence. Elders use to believe that the promises/commitments which are made in the presence of Agni are made in the presence of God.

Mangal Phere – Take Spins of the sacred fire

Later, the bride and groom spin round the holy fire seven times with having the four ambitions of life in mind: Dharma (obligation to one another, family and God), Artha (prosperity) and Karma (power and enthusiasm); and Moksha (salvation).

In the first three rounds, the bride representing the divine energy leads the groom, and in the last four rounds, the groom symbolizes balance and completeness. The bride and groom go around four times in certain cultures, with the bride in the first three rounds and then the groom in the final round. Then after completion of each round, the bride’s brother puts rice grains in her hands to commit to safeguard her and defend her in time of need. Once the couple’s four rounds are finished, there is a race to see who sits first. It is said that anyone who sits down will govern the house first.

Saptapadi (The seven sacred steps): precious in all Indian wedding rituals

This is the most lovely part of an Indian wedding. The depth, purpose and significance of it are so great. The pair takes together seven steps and each step makes a sacred vow:

  • We will live together with mutual respect.
  • Secondly, we will together create the physical, mental and spiritual equilibrium.
  • Thirdly, we will thrive, gain wealth and share our achievements.
  • Fourthly, together through mutual love, we will become happy, harmonious and knowledgeable.
  • We are going to raise powerful, virtuous kids together.
  • We will be loyal to each other together, we will have confidence and longevity.
  • Finally, we will stay together as partners for a lifetime and attain salvation.

When they go back to their seats, the bride moves to the left hand of the groom and takes the nearest place to the core of the groom. Then the groom promises the bride lifelong protection by putting a Mangalsutra (specially made of black and gold beads) and applies Sindoor as the crown of her forehead. Both these offerings mean the status of the bride as a married wife and the bridegroom devotion. At the same time, the bride and groom, at this moment also exchanging rings and feeds delicious sweets to each other.

Aashirvaad – Newly married couple gets blessings from everyone

Finally, after taking those 7 steps, women’s of both families whisper blessings in the ear of the spouse. The couple then bows down and receive their final blessings from the priest, their relatives and the elderly. Meanwhile, the guests shower the new couple with rice and flowers to wish them a happy and long-lasting marriage.

Bidaai – groom holds the bride’s hand and take her into a new life

The bride tells her last goodbye to her family and the dad offers his precious daughter to the groom’s dad. For those nearest to the bride and groom the procession ends joyfully, however it is often bittersweet for the dearest ones of bride and groom.

Woohoo, what a lovely wedding bond. Isn’t it? Marriage is a beautiful bond for two loving people and together with two loving families. KMK Event Management understands the importance of Indian Wedding Rituals, and how to makes those rituals more enchanting for you guys.

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