Easy and affordable floral decoration tips for an Indian wedding

Apart from community, religion & culture, a wedding will be incomplete without floral decoration. Be it embellishing the ambience and the decoration or sprinkling with flowers on the newlyweds, floral play a significant role in any wedding. So here we tried to elaborate the most common and unique ways, where flowers are used for decoration purpose.

Wedding Mandap Flower decoration: A simple, affordable and beautiful

Mandap marriage is an important component of the Indian marriage tradition. A sacred place in which the bride takes her vows and promises to remain forever on each other’s side. Wedding mandap decorations, therefore, have a very special place in the newlywed’s hearts, especially in the Indians. It is the mandap that is the focus of attention, of all the components.

Flowers decorated as a part of mandap makes mandap look beautiful and eye feasting. So decorate the integral part of a wedding mandap with flowers. Any coloured flowers can be used to hang from the ceiling of mandap. Floral garland and floral chandelier can make mandap looks more elegant and can have a rich look.

But do not decorate the wedding mandap entirely with flowers. As it can dominate the entire wedding theme. Flowers and garlands used, should be embraced within the wedding flower decoration.

Wedding stage Floral decoration

Wedding decor is one of the most important things that make your pictures of your wedding look incredible. It’s the place where bride and groom are to be seated during the wedding. In 2019, couples no longer want the wedding stage decoration done-and-dusted. They want something fresh, hatke, and their taste reflects.

Nowadays, every couple and wedding planners are more biased towards the floral decoration of the stage as it gives fresh and natural vibe. For wedding stage decoration, you can place flowers on the sides of the stage entrance or the sides of the steps to the stage. Also, the backside of the sofa on the stage can be decorated with some beautiful floral decoration made of fresh flowers.

Entrance Floral decoration

There are innumerous wedding floral decorations for entrance depending on your location. Doors decorated with flowers, or even two enormous flower vases can mark your entrance. Whatever type of entrance it may be, make sure it does not look straightforward. Decorate your doorway with flowers, ribbons, garland, or any other items you might think of. Now a day’s, people are going for floral curtains as a flower decoration throughout the entrance.

Home Floral decoration

If your wedding is organized In the House instead of a Wedding function hall. Then flower decoration plays an important role. Decorate the door and windows of the house with flower garlands rather than lights. Add a chandelier to your wedding stage Setup in the house and decorate it with different flowers. You can use orchids, white roses, white lilies, and red roses. Make garlands of different colour flowers, and hang it against a wall and call this area a photo booth. Also you can keep some props near it for added effect.

Moreover, different people follow different rituals during a wedding at home. But in most of the Indian home weddings common thing is mandap. Setup a mandap and decorate the pillars of mandap with green garlands and artificial flowers available in the market. You can go for fresh flowers for the backdrop of the stage to give a lively and natural look.

Therefore, you can follow these affordable floral decoration tips for your wedding to make it look it more elegant. Get more by spending less. KMK Event Management specialize in creating the most wonderful weddings as per your dreams.

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