Wedding Trends that banged on in 2k19 are??

If something in the wedding ceremony is certain, it’s always been the changing wedding trends. If you have attended many wedding events, you might have observed at least a few similarities between them – like in decorative props, or the wedding theme or in the chosen colour palettes.

So, if you’re a bride who’ll be tying the knot at the beginning of 2020, you must have complete knowledge of the current wedding trends. After all, it’s your wedding and you will be the queen of that event. Today, trends are significant, although some trends blow our minds.

Wedding trends?..

Well, As I said that the wedding trends change with year to year, season to season, location to location. Also, Every season, every year brings something new not only in the fashion field but also in the event planning field too!

Well! Come let’s see some of the kind of wedding trends that banged 2k19. And also made 2k19 a hit wedding decoration theme year.


         If want to see something more than what meets eye there you go worlds lovely wedding fashioned with lots of love and crafted with minute detail. We all know that marriages are made in heaven. So how about taking that seven promising vows with the blessings of God and parents. That what had KMK created this heavenly feel temple theme for a lovely couple.

Traditional wedding decoration
Heavenly Feel Wedding Decoration


         Wedding ceremonies decoration was done with lots of love and attention. Also, we heard that “Old is gold” so bring back those old memories of 80’s people while it brings newness to the current generation. In this theme, concentrated mainly on traditional village concept. KMK always believes that “You dream, We create”. We transformed open space into a village with beautifully crafted huts and with bullock carts. Even we transformed ourselves into village people with village costumes.

wedding planners in Vijayawada
Traditional wedding decoration


         KMK has done fabulous work to convert an open lawn into a pleasant, lavish and rustic look with white floral art and appropriate lighting balloons. Everything went so well that each complemented the other i.e., white drapes, white lilies, white lights, and bride dress. For couples who wants an outdoor wedding. this was picture perfect decoration for them. Just look at this isn’t feels like love in the air. When we look back at this décor and the lovely couple it felt like magic and made for each other.

Latest wedding trends
Modernized wedding decoration


         Do you want some fresh, Hatke decor to make your wedding pictures look amazing? Then look at this KMK grand floral stage decor which is picture-perfect for the lovely couple who has a classic Indian theme wedding. The use of Indian flowers and godly motifs makes this wedding stage decor look so pretty.

Wedding decoration
Traditional-modernistic decoration by KMK Wedding Organizers


         Do you want to make a wedding decor stunner? Then, this sweet and elegant decor for the bridal stage is sure to be a charmer. Also, you will get a great feeling with these magnificent drapes and a drape chandelier to make this wed a luxurious one. Moreover, an Amazing decor adds flair, style which makes a mesmerizing centerpiece for the lovely couple.

Wedding theme based decoration
Wedding Theme Decoration

However, these days’ marriages have become an immense affair and the couples want to make it memorable days for them. So, this time in 2020 we come up with the trendy modernistic themes by carrying our traditional essence. Besides that, If you are going to plan your wedding in this 2020, and want to find more? Then get KMK wedding planners for the latest wedding trends and Yummilicious food journey.

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