Indian Christian Weddings Traditions & Sacred Rituals

Indian Christian Weddings are well distinguished for their elegance and sobriety. Gorgeous white married gown of the bride, the church’s floral decoration, the dazzling bridesmaids and the nice flowering girls all make an Indian Christian marriage more as eye feasting.

Christian marriages are a happy combination of Indian and Western customs in India. The Indian Christians have also integrated certain western customs while adhering to their Indian culture. The fusion of Indo-Western customs is evident in many wedding rituals. This is the primary traditions and rituals of an Indian Christian wedding.

Let’s go through a short note about the wedding

As children, we thought that we would walk down in a white gown with a lovely veil and our’ Prince Charming awaits for us at the altar.’ The Christian brides cart a stunning tiara or flowers in her hair for an elegant look with the aforesaid ensemble. Similarly, the groom wears a black smoothie or suit. After the wedding ceremony, the bride throws a bouquet which she carries throughout the wedding, and it is whispered that any unmarried girl who takes it, will be the next person in line to become married. Indian Christian Weddings looks simple and easy but gives that elegant memorable feel, which involving the exchange of wedding vows and wedding rings amongst the bride and groom. After that, the priest of the church solemnizes the marriage.

Pre- Indian Christian Weddings Rituals

Engagement Ceremony:

According to Indian Culture, not only the wedding ceremony but all the rituals involved in the wedding are as special as a wedding. Every ritual, every ceremony has its significance. Among all of them, the engagement ceremony is the start of a wedding agreement. It’s also well known as “Sagai” ceremony. It is generally held by the bride’s parents where all the family members and dear ones gather for being a part of their happy start. The couples start their new life by exchanging lovely rings. And do you know why we exchange rings? From where we got the concept of rings? We got that concept from ancient Egypt. According to Egyptians rings symbolizes eternity and shows endless love between the couple. So hope now you guys understood the specialness of exchanging rings.

Bachelor party & Bachelorette party

It’s an increasingly common trend in India. Almost, everyone knows how important these bachelor parties are for the groom as well as for the bride. Nowadays even the brides are also enjoying those bachelors party, which is known as Bachelorette party.

According to traditional standards, bachelors or bachelorettes start their party by hovering the toast on behalf of the groom and the bride for his/her happy married life, and the cute adorable children too. It helps not only to enjoy your last days of being singles but also gets closer to the old buddies. This is how the singles have a fantastic time with delicious food, drinks and music. However, the ultimate goal is to create an unforgettable night for the bride and the groom as one women/man before their traditional Indian Christian wedding.

Roce Ceremony

This ceremony is also known as “Haldi Rasam”, which concerns the application of both the bride and the groom with the turmeric and sandalwood paste. Among the North Indian Christians, the Haldi ceremony is prominent. The North India Haldi ceremony is called Roce. Coconut paste is applied to both bride and groom as opposed to turmeric and sandalwood pastes among Christians of Western and Southern India like in the State of Goa.

 Wedding Rituals

Bride welcoming

On the wedding day, in a vehicle sent by the groom, the bride arrives at the wedding venue. His best man gets a bouquet for the bride and accompanies her. It’s not the groom but the bride who is greeted at the altar as opposed to wedding customs in other countries at a Christian wedding. Later, the bride’s dad accompanied her down the aisle where her groom waited patiently for her. The bride’s dad hand over his daughter over to his life partner and showers his blessings.


The wedding mass for the pair starts with priests reciting hymns while the guests are looking for a blessing. This is one of the obligatory Christened wedding rituals. Then the priest recites the homily that talks about the significance of the bond between the holy marriage and the guests and the couple. After that, the rings are exchanged, and the couple sign the register of marriage, legalizing the marriage before God and according to the legislation.

Exchange of vows

The bride and the groom write their wedding vows as their promise, which they read during the wedding. The vows are messages of love and respect for one another. In most cases, the wedding vows are sprinkled with some humour, adding magic and love.

“I do”

After reading the marriage vows, the Priest asks both the bride and the groom whether’ they agree to love one another and to care for each other as long as they live in health and sickness? The pairs who agree answer this by stating’ I do.” Then they are declared husband and wife by the priest. And then the couple seals the agreement with a kiss and romantically start their married life.

Next up the Indian Touch

The groom traditionally binds the ‘mangalsutra’ around the neck instead of offering her a ring in Christian weddings (particularly in South India). The trend in rings, however, is becoming more popular and many couples now go for it.

The Bride throws the wedding bouquet

The bride throws her wedding bouquet after the marriage and all the un-wedded girls attempt to catch it. Whoever does it is said to be their turn to get married next.

Post-wedding rituals

These post wedding rituals are not only celebrated in christian weddings but also followed by other religions too!


After the marriage, the bride and the groom take part in a rehearsed sequence of dances in the ballroom. Then a family lunch is accompanied when the marriage cake is cut and then toasts for the newly married pair. Raise a Toast Good food and wine are an element of the mix, and the vibrant celebration of their friends and family with less formal surroundings make the newly-weds more exciting. After lunch, a toast is brought up for a happy married life on behalf of the newly-weds. The new weds lead their first dance as a married pair with a live band and a specific song from the pair selected a long time ago. After that, the couple could move to their nice honeymoon the next day.

Christian weddings are very elegant and enjoyable to participate! Even more, KMK Events feel so special while planning such lovely Indian Christian Weddings. Already, we have made splendid work during our successful career, hope we continue this era. So why not plan your wedding with the best event management company in Vijayawada

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